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Nails:Manicure / Resin / UV Gel

We have a practice of more than 15 years nail.
We propose different techniques of nail: such as the care of hands and feet, the installation of resin or gel on natural nails or capsules, reconstruction nail damaged. As new semi-permanent paint.



Warm Manicure without nail polish 45min       30€
Hand care
Warm Manicure with nail polish 1h       35€
Complete care of your hands
Hand or Foot Beauty booster care 45min       25€
Express Care 
Nail polish or French Manicure 30min       17€
Foot Beauty Care without nail polish 1h       42€
The ritual care and relaxation treatment of your feet
Foot Beauty Care with nail polish 1h 30      45€
The ritual care and relaxation treatment of your feet
Poses semi permanent polish 45min       35€
The intermediary between nail polish and gel
Beauty Foot + Semi permanent nail polish 1h30       55€
Complete care of feet + nail polish dry immediately
Laying Gel UV on natural nails hands1h15       50€
Laying Gels UV + color or French on your natural nails
Pose UV Gel Toenails 45min       39€
Possibility of French Manicure and color gels
Beauty Feet Pose + Gel 1h30       59€
Complete care + gloss gel
The Semi Infilling 1h       37€
Opportunity after 15 days / 3 weeks to an intermediate version of comblage
Infill 1h30       47€
We can offer you a french manicure or a permanent color
Pose of Fake Nails, resin or gel 1h45       78€
Finally the solution for flawless nails
Removal of artificial nails 30min       19€
Nail decoration       1€