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Facials Treatments

The treatment is carried on the face, neck, neckline, with full massage. Facial hair removal is offered.




Flash Shine Treatment 30min       30€
Radiance-boosting care for an instant beauty makeover
Skin Cleansing 1h30       45€
The care of young skin
Cellular Water Treatment 1h15       47€
The universal care to boost vitality and radiance
Energy & Comfort Essential Nutri Treatment 1h30       55€
Nutrition and energy with the benefits of marine active ingredients
Oxy-Peeling Treatment 1h30       60€
A new aesthetic dermatological technique involving Peeling + Oxytherapy
3 Oxy-Peeling Treatment Cure, 1 Treatment 1h30       160€
A shot of youth and radiance to your skin. A cure ideal to renew your skin.
Water, Light, Skin, Treatment 1H30       75 €
Revitalized, protected, renewed are the hallmarks of this treatment.
Absolute Cellular Treatment 1h30       80€
The answer to all the major skin issues
Expert Treatment 1h30       80€
To solve more specific skin problems
White System Treatment 1h30       85€
For a radiant, uniform and smooth complexion
Absolute Lift Treatment 1h30       85€
The biological facelift with plants
Cyclo System Treatment 1h30       85€
A new cycle of youth, ultra hydrating and redensifying
Eye Contour Cyclo System Treatment 1h       46€
A complete ritual care for the youth of your eyes
Complete Global Cyclo System Treatment 1h45       110€
The most comprehensive anti-ageing treatment for the youth of your face and eyes
Esthelift Treatment 1H45       110€
Lines, volumes, contours, for a natural lifting effect.
Steam bath + Blackhead Extraction       10€
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